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CryptoPuzzle v1.1

Cryptopuzzle - Stone Pup Technology

A Description of CryptoPuzzle:

CryptoPuzzle is a game that helps you solve cryptograms.  Typically, cryptograms are created from quotations of famous people.

  There are two area in the upper half of Cryptopuzzle.  The upper area houses the cryptogram puzzle, and the lower area holds your solution.  Using the "New" , "Load" or "Save" buttons, you can enter a puzzle, load a previously saved puzzle, and save a puzzle as you are working on it.  Asterisks in the lower (solution) area represent letters  that have not yet been solved or have been un-done. Numbers and most special characters contained in the cryptogram are brought, unchanged, directly from the puzzle area to the solution area.  in the lower half of the app are two picker wheels. The wheel on the left is used to select letters in the upper (puzzle) area, while the wheel on the right is used to supply the letter to replace it in the lower (solution) area.

How To Use Cryptopuzzle:

This app can be used in one of two ways. You can enter a cryptogram such as you might find in a newspaper, book or on the Internet and use Cryptopuzzle to solve it.  You can type a cryptogram in using the keyboard or use the copy-and-paste method. However, the app also has over one hundred quotations built-in and you can choose to solve one of them instead. (Note: the quotations are randomly selected by the app.)

You solve the puzzle by selecting letters in the upper (puzzle) area using the wheel on the left. You then decide what letter to use to replace it. Using the selector wheel on the right you will see your choice appear in the lower (solution) area as you dial it in (new with version 1.1; no more change letters button).  You can use the asterisk on the right wheel (new with version 1.1)  to undo a selection at any time. As you continue to select puzzle letters in the upper area and replace them with letters of your choice in the lower area, you will begin to see a solution emerge!

You can also use the copy and paste method to save the solution in another application such as Notepad.

Roll your mouse over the graphic on the left to see what the Input Screen looks like.  Roll your mouse over the graphic on the right to see what the Save Puzzle screen looks like.