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Palette Pal v1.0

Opening Screen Portrait ModePalette Pal - Stone Pup Technology

Palette Pal is a useful utility that lets you create custom colors based on the RGB format.  You can save the colors you create, and recall them when you need them.

This can be helpful if you would like to create a color that you see now, and be able to show that color to someone else later.

The color chip on the opening screen shows one of two colors: either a basic color chosen from the selection control, or any color opened that was previously saved.

The easiest way to start is to simply select a basic color from the opening screen, turn the phone sideways and then, using the sliders in the advanced color screen, modify that color to your liking. At that point, save the newly created color with a name. Once saved, new color will also appear in the opening screen color chip as well.  Later on, you can retrieve that previously saved color by its name.

Programmers can use Palette Pal when creating colors for graphics as it will show them the numeric values for each color slider as the sliders are being changed. These values can then be entered in program statements where required. (Note: all settings are at alpha 1.0)

Advanced Color Screen

 There are two color chips shown at the top of the advanced color screen.  The color chip on the left is the color that was started with, while the color chip on the right shows the new color based upon the settings of all three color sliders.  The color chip on the right changes as soon as any of the sliders are changed.  Sliders have a range from 0 on the far left to 255 on the far right.

In the advanced color screen shown on the right, for the purpose of demonstration only, all the sliders are depicted as displaying their values.  However, when Palette Pal is operating correctly, each slider only shows its value when its thumb button is touched or dragged.  This is shown a little more clearly in the screenshots on the iTunes Store